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Pre-Notice on the 2019 (4th) China Special Food Cooperation Development Conference & 2019 International Special Food Industry Exhibition
   All Relevant Units:
  Since 2016, the China Special Food Cooperation Development Conference has been successfully held for three consecutive years. As a conference formerly hosted by the former State Food and Drug Administration, it keeps focusing on special food hot topics, gathering the power of the whole industry, sharing wisdom on global development, and promoting cross-border exchanges and cooperation. It is an important brand event of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association. It is also an industry exchange platform where department managers, experts and scholars, and industry colleagues have joined together to seek development and cooperation.
  The 2018 (3rd) China Special Food Cooperation Development Conference & Special Food Industry Exhibition was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. The three-day conference was a 2018 East Asia Summit program initiated by the Chinese government. There were 19 events themed on special food. 58 senior managers and 210 domestic and foreign guests attended the conference as speakers. More than 2,000 audiences from the industry participated in this wonderful “feast of ideas”.
  The China Nutrition Health Food Association is scheduled to hold the 4th China Special Food Cooperation Development Conference (hereinafter referred to as the Conference) at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province on October 17-19, 2019. The 2nd international special food industry exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Exhibition) will be held concurrently in order to demonstrate the achievements and progress of China's special food supervision and development, and to effectively promote the win-win cooperation of the entire industry chain.
  The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.
  I. Organizations:
  Organizer: The China Nutrition and Health Food Association
  Invited organizations: EU Chamber of Commerce in China, Global Food Safety Initiative, International Alliance of Dietary Food Supplement Associations, United Natural Products Alliance, Infant Nutrition Council (Australia), Dairy Council Northern Ireland, Dutch Dairy Association, German Dairy Association, Japanese Special Dietary Committee, Complementary Medicine Association (Australia), Anhui Health Products and Cosmetics Association, Beijing Health Products and Cosmetics Association, Guangdong Health Products Association, Guangdong Nutrition and Health Industry Association, Henan Nutrition and Health Association, Hunan Nutrition and Health Food Association, Shandong Nutrition and Health Food Industry Association, Shanghai Health Products Industry Association, Jiangsu Health Food and Cosmetics Safety Association, Jiangsu Provincial Health and Health Care Association, Jiangsu Association for Food Production Safety, Jiangxi Provincial Nutrition Health Food and Cosmetics Association, Shenzhen Health Industry Development and Promotion Association, Shenzhen Cross-border Trade Inspection and Certification Alliance, Tianjin Special Food Industry Association, Yunnan Health Food Industry Association, Yunnan Food Safety Association, Zhejiang Health Products and Cosmetics Industry Association, and Zhejiang Maternity and Baby Products Industry Association.
  II. Conference Highlights and Agenda
  The topic of the Conference & Exhibition is “Set Out Again, the Future of China's Special Food Industry Against the Background of Globalization”, which focuses on the fruitful development of China's special food management and special food industry, as well as high-quality and sustainable development towards a new era. The themes of the Conference include New Market, New Momentum, New Order, Innovation and Integration Development, New & Old Models of Industry Development and Challenges, Special Food and Healthy Life, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility for Entrepreneurs, etc. The industries and fields relevant to the Conference involve health food, milk-based powder infant formula, formula food for special medical purposes, infant food supplements, probiotics and prebiotics, etc. More than 10 featured themed forums and exhibitions will be held to facilitate industry exchanges and cooperation.
  Highlight #1: A discussion on the quality and sustainable development of China's special food industry. The Conference will invite government managers and industry leaders to discuss development trends for the industry. Business leaders will share their entrepreneurial experiences, management skills, and ideas on how to build a bigger and stronger business and achieve high quality and sustainable development.
  Highlight #2: Authoritative interpretation of the latest policies and standards for China's special food management. The Conference will invite persons in charge from relevant government regulatory departments and technical review departments to introduce and interpret the three types of special food from the following aspects: market access, system inspection, advertisement review, market supervision, etc.
  Highlight #3: The transformation and upgrading and integrated development of the special food industry in China. The conference will analyze the global environment, publish research reports, summarize development achievements, exchange leading experiences, share academic achievements, and explore industry trends, bringing valuable information to participants.
  Highlight #4: A “Special Food Show” to showcase industry style. As a conference "getting very close to the industry", we will open a special area for the members units of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association, which can serve as a platform to release their featured products, services, reports, and strategic cooperation, and also to provide opportunities for commercial display, exchanges, and cooperation.
  In addition to the opening and closing ceremonies, there will be sub-forums, which include but are not limited to: the 4th China Special Food Enterprises Presidents Roundtable, the 9th China Special Food Policy Regulations Open Course, the 3rd China Health Food Conference, the 4th China Formula Food for Special Medical Purposes Industry Development Forum, the 2nd China Infant Formula Milk Powder Market Summit, the 3rd China Infant Food Supplement Industry Development Forum, the 3rd Academic Conference on the Clinical Application of China Formula Food for Special Medical Purposes Conference, the 6th Children's Nutrition and Nutritional Disease Development Forum, the 3rd Special Food Raw Materials Development Forum, the 2nd China Intestinal Microecology and Products International Forum, and the 2nd Australia & New Zealand Newborn and Infant Nutrition Development Forum.
  III. Application to Be a Themed Forum Co-organizer
  i. Member units of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association who have extensive theoretical knowledge and experiences in the field of special food, and have the experience of organizing exchange events can submit an application form voluntarily to co-organize a subforum based on the above-mentioned themes or any other new themes.
  ii. A co-organizer should be responsible for the following items of a themed forum: agenda setting, expert invitation, organization and coordination, etc. Forum schedule, venue arrangement, reception of foreign guests and other items should be subject to the arrangement of the Conference.
  iii. An applicant can propose to hold a forum based on themes not listed above. The duration of the forum should be about 2 hours. The applicant can design a theme based on its own communication needs. In principle, the number of domestic or foreign speakers should be no less than 4, and there should be Q&A sessions for exchanges and discussion.
  iv. The theme of a new forum should focus on the following aspects: Health China and Food Safety Strategies, Obligation and Responsibility, Innovation and Development, Scientific Communication, Talent Training, etc. All member units are encouraged to propose a new theme based on the topic “Set Out Again, the Future of China's Special Food Industry Against the Background of Globalization”.
  v. The fee of co-organizing a themed forum will be notified separately by the Organizing Committee of the Conference.
  IV. Submission of Intention Forms
  i. All units are required to fill out the "2019 (4th) China Special Food Cooperation Development Conference and International Special Food Industry Exhibition - Intention Form for Visitors and Co-organizers" (Annex). The Form should be signed and sealed in two copies and mailed to the China Nutrition Health Food Association. An electronic version of the form should be e-mailed to the following address: The file name should follow the following format: unit name + "intention form". The deadline for acceptance of materials is August 1, 2019.
  ii. The submission results will be notified separately by the Organizing Committee of the Conference.
  Contact: Secretariat, 010-53947851,
  Address: Rm. 1505, Block A, Wangjing Baoneng Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  For more information, please refer to the Association website:
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